Compte-rendu de la Journée Internationale des Droits des Fe…

Le Jeudi 07 Mars 2024 à partir de 10h, s’est tenue à la salle de conférence de l’hôtel SARAKAWA la

19 Mar, 2024

Message from the Continental President of WIMAAFRICA on the …

The seas cover more than 70% of the world’s surface and are a source of raw materials, energy and food. They are a place to live and relax, and carry more than 80% of the world’s trade.

30 Sep, 2022


WIMAfrica obtains UN ECOSOC’s Special Consultative Sta…

African Women in Maritime (WIMAfrica) obtains Special Consultative Status from the United Nations Economical and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). This

08 Oct, 2021

WIMA Angola helping the vulnerable Families to stay home due…

27 May, 2020

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Welcome WIMA Liberia: The Official Launching of WIMAfrica Ch…

30 Dec, 2019

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WIMAfrica Participates at the retreat of the Africa Blue Eco…

African Women in Maritime participated in the presentation at the retreat of the Africa Blue Economy Strategy in Nairobi, Kenya.

03 Dec, 2019

WIMAfrica, World Ocean Council signs MoU to support more wom…

The Women in Maritime, Africa and the World Ocean Council (WOC) have reached an agreement on ways to collaborate to

25 Nov, 2019

WIMAfrica at WISTA International AGM and Conference 2019

04 Nov, 2019

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